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We Are Experts In Solar Construction

Using glass and 3 story mass walls, the heating bills for these homes are almost half those of their neighbors. We pioneered "glass and and mass" superinsulated houses.
Seifert Residence, Nederland, CO.

"Ice Block" system for the foundation of this house below. These styrofoam forms are filled with concrete,
waterproofed and then back-filled on the outside, and then sheetrocked on the inside.
The finished wall of this basement ends up having an insulating coefficiency of R-30,
compared to R-11 for a standard 2x4 framed finished basement wall.alternative4

Ooyen Residence, Nederland, CO.
Permaculture greenhouse addition with second story in Ward, CO. This owner decided
she wanted to grow her own food year-round. We worked with her to come up with
a design and implement certain permaculture techniques to assure a year-round viable temperature
for growing tomatoes, beans, and various other greens. These techniques included
raised ferrocement planter beds with warm air recirculating pipes in them, separation of different
zones with operable windows, and a wood stove hooked up to the hydronic heating system.

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