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We work with the Tadjik craftsmen, Mirpulat Mirakmatov and Manon
Khadirov. Our friend and carpenter Jamshid Drakhti, originally from Iran,
serves as translator and gracious host to the two Tadjiks.

teahouse Crew
The overall effect is awesome. We are all the more impressed
to find out that it was entirely built with hand tools. We pooled
together $700 for the Tadjiks to buy tools to take back home.
They rewarded us with Tadjik robes (Jeffrey and Jamshid)

Of the fourteen ceiling coffers, Mirpulat and Manon take the
most pride in  number 6.

coffer 6

One can only imagine what it was like to unpack all of this beautiful treasure!

Below (right) a floor plan for the teahouse which had to be translated twice to read in English

To the Teahouse!


The generosity of one local airplane owner made it possible for us to figure out the giant puzzle

Another Coffer in the ceiling
another coffer

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